Drapery Panel

Specify pleat style. Options Include:

• Specify finished length and finished width if functional.
• Specify how many widths of material (WOM) per panel.
• Half – widths are charged as whole widths for labor purposes (for example: 1 ½ WOM each side is billed as 4 WOM total). Specify overlap and return size.
• Trim is optional – suggestions include purchased trim or banding along lead edges or along bottom.

Choose your linings carefully! Many fabrics stand to benefit from using premium linings or the addition of interlining – a cotton-flannel layer between the face fabric and the lining. It helps draperies to have a nicer drape, protects your fabric better from the effects of the sun and helps to insulate your windows! Goblet pleat with tassel trim, Pinch pleat with tassel trim, Euro pleat with bullion trim.