Understanding the differnece between some of the classic fabric types & terms.


Woven fabrics are not stretchy, & are made up of threads going horizontally and vertically.

Knit fabrics stretch & are made up of threads looping back and forth.


Interlock is heavier, & has two plys knit simultaneously giving it the same look & feel on both sides. More natural stretch.

Jersey is light-weight & very stretchy, made with a single knit, giving it one flat side & one piled side. Most often used to make T-shirts.


Quilting cotton is made specifically for quilting, but can be used in apparel. It is stiffer than apparel cotton, & offered in thousands of styles.

Apparel fabric tends to have more movement than quilting cotton. Types of apparel cotton include: Voile, Shirting, Batiste, Linen, Lawn, etc.

Natural fabrics are made from natural things found on the Earth. It includes cotton, silk, linen, wool, leather, ramie, hemp, & jute.

Man made fibers are made from inorganic materials & chemicals includes chiffon, organza, nylon, polyester, taffeta, velvet, denim, rayon, spandex, viscose, satin, & vinyl.