Some people are born entrepreneurs. They just have it in their blood. Lynn Bazemore started out selling socks from his dorm room at ECU in college and learned the art of business early. In 1958, Mr. Bazemore opened his shop in a small building on the corner of Capital Blvd and Durant Road. Buying mill ends from many of the fabric mills here in NC, he was able to offer fabrics to his customers at discount prices. As his business grew, so did his following of loyal customers. By 1965, Mill Outlet moved to the location at the intersection of Capital Blvd and Gresham Lake Rd. He added on buildings as the business grew, and grew, and grew. He purchased this property and expanded his offerings to include such things as auto and marine upholstery supplies, a wig shop (no kidding!) and decorative items for the home. He was a tenacious business man who earned the respect of his employees and the loyalty of his customers. He and his wife raised two sons, Mike and Garvey and they both grew up learning and working in the business. Mr. Bazemore opened stores in other locations as the years went on. We still have locations in Wilmington and New Bern today. After his passing in 1992, Mike and Garvey took over the business. In 1993, they moved it to its current location where they were able to house the business all under one roof. Many have said that Mill Outlet Village is like several small stores because of the wide variety of supplies we offer.

Staying true to what their father envisioned, Mike and Garvey strive to keep their prices low and their selection huge. If we do not carry what it is you are looking for, please ask. We will do our best to get it for you. It is our hope that we will continue to build on the solid foundation we were built on and remain the only source for fabrics for our many loyal customers.